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History of Riverside Football Club

In all probability there were informal kick-abouts before, but informed sources advise that the soccer section, of what was then called Glenwood High School Old Boys Club, was established in 1975.

At the outset the club affiliated to the Natal FA and was obliged to enter the lowest league. The club gradually worked its way up through the leagues. In 1983 there were nine (9) Divisions and Glenwood Old Boys played in Division 1. At the 1983 AGM Mr Martin Kleyn, a charismatic Durban attorney, was appointed Chairman and the club subs were set at R20 – no player to be registered until his subs had been played in full! Furthermore, all players had to provide their own white shorts and GOB socks.

In 1985 the club won promotion from Division 1 to the Natal League with 26 points out of a possible 32 at a time when a win was worth 2, not 3, points. The goal difference was 42-14. By this stage the club had a second team playing in Division 5. At the 1985 AGM it was minuted that the club had R120 in the bank but plans were discussed to buy new goalposts and improve the floodlights. The register of members present at the meeting included such illustrious names as Wayne Angilley, John Allsop, Wayne Catlett, Garnet Currie, Daryn Hutchinson, Craig Cochrane, Alan Koster, Dave McBain, Roland Reardon, the three Pearton brothers (Michael, Roland, Richard), Kurt Stander, Keith “Doc” Lange, Steve Smith, Vaughn Pienaar, Geoff Phillips, Trevor Middleton and Noel Band.

At the 1986 AGM it was decided that a third side be entered into the league for the first time, and, furthermore, that a fine of R5 be imposed on any player who received a red card from the referee. Vaughn Pienaar made club history around this time by scoring 5 goals in a single game. In 1987 Troye Bingham (Escombe) was selected for the Natal U19 team; years later he signed for Falcons FC and recently played his first o/35 game!

At the 1988 AGM Mr Richard Pearton, a Durban attorney of note, was appointed as Chairman and he and Tony Barratt were thanked for their efforts in securing sponsorship from Pelican Systems. At the 1990 AGM Mark Willis was elected onto the committee and immediately suggested the club go on tour as he was of the view that it would be good for club spirit.

In the Natal League the club made further progress coming fifth and fourth more than once before achieving second place in 1991. In the same season the club won the the Natal League Cup beating Argyle United in the final. The club had reached new heights under the management of Trevor Mussell and the squad (photo) comprised of players such as Graham Kerr, Grant Coetzee, John Green, Eddie Stevens, Ryan Best, Graham Carter, Dennis Kruse, Kurt Stander, Mark Dykman, Ross Butterfield, Mark Colborn, Kenny Knowles and Mike Marincowitz.

At the 1991 AGM Chairman Geoff Phillips reported on the “unity” meetings that had taken place during the course of the year. Mike Marincowitz proposed subs be increased to R75 and Mark Collier was elected to the committee for the first time. By this stage the club had 64 registered players and were ready to field four sides in the Natal FA leagues with the newly promoted first team to play in the Natal Premier League. However the “unity” talks were progressing well and the decision was taken to apply to join the Southern Natal FA Premier League. Some points made in support of the application were the excellent playing surface, facilities and the coach Trevor Mussell having coached at professional level with Amazulu and African Wanderers. The letter of application concluded “the club has the potential to become one of the top amateur sides in the province”. The application proved to be successful and that opened a new chapter in the history of the club starting in 1992.

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