Returning and new prospective members should please note that annual subscriptions for 2024 are due in January /February 2024 and expire on December 31st, 2024. No pro rata rates are applicable unless by prior arrangement with the relevant administration of the sporting sections or in the case of social members, the main club management.

All club membership registrations old and new should be made directly with the Sporting Sections via their respective contact details listed on the Riverside Sports Club website. The membership fees for each sporting section will vary according to the services rendered by or club facilities used by the relevant sporting section that the members are part of. All sporting section membership fees include membership to the main club (Riverside Sports Club).

If you would like to be a non-sporting (Social) member of the Riverside Sports Club, then the process is to apply directly to the Main Club Office via this email address: Should you not get a response within 48 hours, please phone the Main Club Office on 031 563 7528.

Besides the membership benefits offered by the various sporting sections, Membership of Riverside Sports Club includes:

  1. Entry Parking disk for free entry to the property.
  2. Drinks discounts at the Club Bar
  3. Registration on the Riverside Sports Club app. Instructions on how to download the app will be emailed to members app once membership has been approved and payment received.
  4. Membership cards which are digital and loaded on the member smart phone. There is a corresponding Membership QR code that allows members to scan their virtual card to receive member discounts at the club bar and, in future planned developments, to access the members club parking.
  5. Being included in the main club communication channel to members which is via the RSC app. Each sporting section and the main club also have social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) communication channels to which you should subscribe to or monitor to stay up to date with club fixtures and events.

Members private information on file with the club is protected from dissemination to third parties as per the POPI Act. Members personal and contact details are kept securely at the Club and used for Club administrative purposes ONLY and not distributed to any 3rd party without the express permission of the member.


Parking Entry for 2023 members ONLY will be allowed WITHOUT CHARGE by using the old 2023 Parking disk until Sunday 31st March (or as arranged individually with a section Chairperson in conjunction with Club Management) after which the 2023 disc will be INVALID for any form of access.


Please note that ad hoc use of the sports facilities by members is allowed BUT ONLY by prior arrangement or a signing in process at the Club office is followed and will only be allowed based on availability due to Maintenance and preparation duties at a given time.

The Club facilities – namely:

  • All the Sports fields
  • Changing rooms
  • First Aid Rooms
  • Hockey Astroturf’s
  • New Cricket facilities and Nets
  • Function rooms
  • Equipment huts

The above facilities are NOT AVAILABLE to the general public AT ANY TIME i.e. whether they are parents or friends of members or parents of children & children whose schools use the site – as all usage is governed by pre-arranged booking times and the rights of members over casual visitors, and if there is NO Club authorisation either for members or visitors, ANY usage becomes the sole responsibility and liability of the person/persons who breach the Club authorisation rule.

For the avoidance of any doubt members wishing access to ANY OF OUR FACILITIES outside pre-booked sports section arranged match and practice times must adhere to the above and sign in at the Administration office so that we know they are on site and can therefore be assisted.